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Looking Back at the10th Anniversary
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Ten years...is life so short?
Live every day, love every day.
Do not wait for this is your time.
Choose your course today;
let this be who you are.
This is our gift.
Do not take it for granted.

– Drew Struzan,
Illustrator for the Lullaby for Columbine CD

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Feature Story 2 - Click to read.   Of Thermostats and Thermometers
Columbine: Ten Years Later
by Bruce Porter

Looking back, although school violence had been occurring around the country here and there, it just didnít seem to be a very large blip on the mediaís radar screen, or in the...


Feature Story 3 - Click to read. A "PAT" on the Back for
the Columbine Families

by Dianne Sundet

April 20, 1999 has come and gone, and here it is ten years later. A lot of water has gone under the bridge. The landscape of our lives was changed that day and...

Feature Story 4 - Click to read.   High School: 1957 vs. 2007
Backlash of Zero Tolerance or the
Last Bastion of a Civil Society?

by Erin McNamara

The class of 2002...the last class of Columbine students to witness the events of April 20th, 1999, the 46 minutes that changed the world, graduated. They were...

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Listen or Download LFCNews Editor's Radio Interview with Ross Solly on Australia's ABC Canberra!

View pictures from the 5th anniversary held in Littleton honoring the victims of the Columbine tragedy.

Read the Denver Post story covering the 5th Columbine Anniversary, which features LFC's Aaron Delay and Michael Tamburello, among others.

View Video presented at the Lullaby for Columbine Awards Banquet.
(File size 2.3k/WMF

View images from our Awards Banquet! Updated!

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