Plus One Concert
Rachael Lampa and Stacie Orrico

May 9, 2001
Colorado Springs City Auditorium

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Plus One begins concert with one of their hit songs

Plus One performing one of their final acts

Plus One in one of their extensively choreographed numbers

Plus One closing their final song

An inspirational moment in one of Plus One's ballads

Opening number of Rachael Lampa's portion of the concert

Rachael interacting with audience of cheering teens

Rachael singing her Dove Award-winning "Blessed"

Rachael giving her all as she delivers one of her
power-packed hits

Stacie Orrico mesmerizing the audience with "Don't Look At Me"

Stacie in one of her dance routines with backup dancers

Plus One, Stacie Orrico and Rachael Lampa doing an inspirational encore

Concert fans cheer Plus One, Rachael Lampa and Stacie Oricco

Stacie Orrico backstage before concert with friends

Aspiring singer Nina Tamburello with Rachael Lampa
(with roses that Nina presented her)
and Columbine survivor Craig Scott

Vocal students Nina Tamburello and Kayley Arvizu, and Craig Scott pose
for a photo with Rachael's dad, Phil Lampa

Rachael's mom, Marianne, (second to the far left) joins Plus One, Rachael
and Stacie for a pose backstage with anxious fans

The "Lampa Lovers Club" share a happy moment together after the concert

"The Beginning"

Photography by Michael Tamburello
Copyright 2001 by Michael Tamburello
- All Rights Reserved